BIKE FLAGS USA  producer of reflective flags for Recumbent trike or bicycles.

Features and Misc

All our flags are proudly manufactored here in the USA by us, with as much stuff as we can buy in the USA. To ensure our flags are of the best quality, we use uncoated Invista SolorMax nylon. 200 denier SolarMax fabric is tough, durable, long-lasting and specifically designed for active outdoor use.

Each flag has a refective strip along the front edge and a refective ribbon as a streamer at the top. Each flag also comes with a small clip and rubber tube so that you can fasten it to your regular pole without it flying off.

We are also able to officially decorate or flags with refective Catrike, Terra Trike, Greenspeed or Ice logos to match your trike/bike.
We are not affiliated with Catrike or Ice in any way.

Please be sure to visit to see all their models of trikes

These articles are sold without worranty, expressed or implied. No warranty or representation is made as to the ability of this or associated products to protect the user from accident or injury. The user/purchaser assumes any risk associated with the use or installation of these products.

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